Want more Shopify app users?

How to Find Content Topics To Get More Shopify App Users (Without Relying On The App Store)

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I used a special topic discovery technique to write an article for the Oberlo blog that got more than 2,900 comments.

Tim Kock’s article for Oberlo got more than 2,900 comments.

Today I’m going to show you 10 easy ways to discover content topics that Shopify merchants will go WILD about so your content will drive massive leads to your app.

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  1. The Spice Girls Technique (to get free traffic from Reddit) 
  2. The Vegan Traffic Technique (to get more search traffic)
  3. The Robin Hood Technique (to steal your competitor’s best topics)
  4. The Shopify Fund Technique (to save millions of dollars)
  5. The Shopify Plus Content Slayer Technique (to attract more Shopify Plus merchants)
  6. The Satisfier Technique (to get more app store reviews)
  7. The Lovesick Technique (to make merchants fall in love with your app)
  8. The Shut Up And Take My Shares Technique (to get more blog shares)
  9. The Cheap Trick Technique (to get cheap leads, fast)
  10. The Qu- Or A Technique (to answer your user’s burning questions)

The technique has to be:


My content experience:


Want Proven Real-Life Examples Of High-Converting Content Topics?

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